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Children are a small world unto themselves; this is why this special space has been dedicated to their little feet and footwear for their first steps. Curated by experts specialised in the field of paediatrics and paediatric orthopaedics, providing advice, tips and insights on a variety of topics and issues with the aim of informing, dispelling doubts and providing answers.
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The medical point of view.

To support parents’ natural intuition and experience, the competence and knowledge of experts identify the most significant topics, recurring problems and anything that might be of interest in order to provide useful information and advice in making the most appropriate choices.


The right shoes (and at the right moment).
In addition to how the ideal shoe should be for such a crucial period, it is also important to know when the child should wear it.

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From bare foot to the first little shoes.
A fundamental element of the motoric development of the child is the foot and the shoe is its first ally.

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The paediatric orthopaedic surgeon: a point of reference.
The design and construction of a product for children, especially for the early years, requires extreme care and attention;

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