Small feet first, then the shoes.

Focusing on children’s first steps entails looking after the health of their feet, which are still growing. Therefore, every product in the Walkey collection is the result of a painstaking search for the ideal solution, with the added value of being able to avail themselves of the precious collaboration of specialised medical consultants in the paediatric orthopaedics field.
The shoes are designed and manufactured to respond perfectly to specific anatomical requirements, such as the upper in leather only, a broad flexible sole with non-slip tread, a structure built to allow easy accommodation and articulation of the foot and ankle, favouring freedom of movement for the toes and when running.

Wellness in freedom.

Taking shoes off is irrepressibly instinctive for children; they do not like their feet being constrained! This is why it is important to know about the anatomy and morphology of feet and their development, to design and construct shoes that are capable of providing a feeling of freedom and well-being.

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