Key words: NATURAL.

In addition to the structural aspects and the ergonomic design, another key factor that contributes to the excellence and safety of Walkey footwear is the materials and the manufacturing processes employed. The selection of these is always based on high quality, and targeting features that ensure foot health. The leather is high quality and tested, the anatomical insole is real leather and the outsole is in extraflex. Even the smallest of details is taken into consideration, such as the special breathable mid-sole with aloe vera extracts, well known for their beneficial properties.


Properties of the material employed in detail.

Padded ankle. A soft and solid support that o protect baby’s ankle and, provide at the same time a great freedom of movement.

Breathable insole with Aloe Vera extracts. The goodness and beneficial properties of Aloe Vera enrich this special and certified insole.

Extra-flexible outsole.
Maximum flexibility, solidness and reliability are the characteristics of this outsole that ensure equilibrium and protection to baby’s feet.

Chrome & nickel tested leathers. Materials are selected according to essential characteristics such as naturalness, quality and safety, which are proved and tested.

Breathable leathers. For foot healthy and wellness, the choice of the most suitable leather go through its maximum level of breathability.

Anatomical arch support made of real leather.
The principle is naturalness, for a pleasant physiological action that ensure the maximum comfort and a sense of freshness at the same time.

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